NAA Magazine – Original like you

Hello, my name is NAA.

We may have met before, though under a different name. In that case, nice to meet you again. My name might be new, but you know what I’m all about – class and style, art and design, culture and travel, all served with a dash of luxury and heaps of creativity.

I like to make a lasting impression with my vibrant covers, inspiring stories, large sized photographs and meticulous attention to detail – qualities that are all reflected in my new name – NAA.

I was born in Thailand and my new name is a tribute to my origins. It’s in Thai language that It finds a multi-layered meaning. So if you ask what NAA means, many answers will follow:

  • NAA means Face, like those portrayed on my striking covers, each with a story to tell.
  • NAA means Page, like those large pages of mine, filled with enriching stories and beautiful images.
  • NAA means Forward, the only direction there is in a world, where change is the only constant.

But that’s not the end of the story behind NAA. It’s just the beginning. It’s time to go far and beyond, spread my pages and fly higher than before. I will make a name for myself.

Come and join me on this journey. Let’s go forward. Let’s go NAA.