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Translating Emotions into Beauty

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– By Maciek Klimowicz –

In a world of mass production, things unique gain an even greater value. Pichitra Boonyarataphan, one of Thailand’s leading fashion designers and founder of Atelier Pichita, knows all about it – she started her line of one-of–a-kind, Haute Couture designs three decades ago. Here are the keywords that she uses to explain what made Pichita the pinnacle of Thai mode.

 Pichita Haute Couture

“Haute Couture is a sophisticated piece that takes time, skill and craftsmanship to create. Each one is unique and each comprises of not only the process, the time, the design or the materials, but also the story of how it came to be. Haute Couture is not just clothes, it’s wearable art. It is also an expression of the designer’s skills; that’s why nobody can do it in the style we do it.”

Creative Process

“Making of one piece can take up to one year, and the process, whether it is for a fashion show or for a particular customer, always begins with a design concept. Sourcing of materials for that specific design follows, and this is where the unique Pichita style originates – the mixing and matching of fabrics from around the globe to create a mosaic, a breathtaking patchwork. Only once all materials are in place can I create the piece, like a painting on a canvas. After cutting and construction of a piece, comes the time of embroidery, for which all beads, stones and other materials are also meticulously selected.”

Haute-Couture- Pichita3

The Materials

“I mostly use silk and avoid synthetic materials. Fabrics that I use are the result of my travels – I find them on local markets, and at local suppliers, and they constantly inspire me. I work with local tribes and craftsmen to source hand woven materials. Throughout our history, we have been supporting local producers; the Thai silk we are using comes from the Queen Sirikit foundation, which supports local silk producers. I also personally visit villages to find fabrics.”

Timeless style

“The first word that comes to my mind when describing Pichita style is originality, followed by elegance. My pieces are chic, original and sophisticated. Also, there is a consistency to all that we do. While I am aware of what’s happening in the world of fashion, I do not follow the trends. I’m not interested in changing together with the fashion. What I truly believe makes a piece is the quality of fabric and the process. These are our values and they never change, and nor does Pichita style.”

Haute-Couture- Pichita2

Flow of inspiration

“Planning and inspiration are both part of the creative process at Pichita. Sometimes I start with an idea, the direction I’d like to take, but it can still change along the way. At other times, a cut of fabric or a specific colour inspires me, and I start building from it. It’s never a strictly defined direction and it will keep changing, according to how I feel and the new inspiration I find on the way. It’s never unidirectional.”

Expression of emotions

“I use Haute Couture to express my inner emotions. I do not follow a theme, I don’t try to fit in a trend or find a connection with reality; what I do is I translate my emotions into things of beauty.”

Unique experience

“In this time of everything fast, mass, immediately available and disposable, there also seems to be a growing appreciation for things that take time and skills. What I intend to do with Haute Couture, is to create things that are unique and personal and not just copy what other brands are doing.”


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