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For a bohemian feel head for Smalls, a joint decorated with vintage furniture, quirky, sculptures and paintings, located in the heart of Sathorn.
The specialty here is absinthe – served with the proper fountain and slotted spoon, along with a wide selection of wines by the glass and such hard-to-find liquors as Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey. Spirits are dispensed in stout New York-style 45-cl servings rather than the anemic European 30-cl pour commonly seen elsewhere in Bangkok.
Further enhancing the ambiance is Smalls’ playlist, which tends to be non-commercial, with an emphasis on jazz and world music, rather than the standard hip-hop, house and techno heard elsewhere in Bangkok. Live blues or jazz ensembles are occasionally hosted but it’s visits by eclectic DJs like club veteran Justin Mills that seem to strike the right tone with Smalls’ guests.
Smalls’ kitchen stays open at least until midnight and serves a well-conceived roster of entrees and bar snacks, including much-lauded fresh Irish oysters on the half-shell.


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