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Songkran Festival – Make a Splash!

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Wet, Wetter, Wettest – five well moisturized facts about Thailand

The one element at the heart of all things Thai is water – from the monsoon rains to annual floods, from mountain rivers of the North to crystal clear waters of the Andaman Coast and the Gulf of Thailand in the South, from the celebrations of Loy Krathong to massive water fights of Songkran.

It is the latter festival, the Thai New Year, celebrated by massive crowds on the streets of all Thai cities and towns, that gave us an excuse to write this story. But instead of going back to the festivals origins or suggesting the best spots to take part in a water battle, like many other publications do, we decided to focus on facts. Here is a bunch of well-moisturized water facts about Thailand. Happy Songkran!

Thailand’s highest waterfall

To stand face to face with Thailand’s highest waterfall you have to take a trip to the Northwestern province of Tak and head for the Unphang Wildlife Sanctuary. There the Mae Klong River flows down from Huai Klotho creating a 250m high and nearly 450m wide Thi Lo Su Waterfall which except for being big, is also beautiful.


Thailand’s longest river

There are two famous rivers flowing through the Thai territory – the royal Chao Phraya and the mighty Mekong. But neither of them is the longest. The longest river flowing wholly within Thailand is the 765 kilometers long Chi River, called also Mae Si in Isaan. Surprisingly, the second longest river named Mun carries even more water than the Chi.

Thailand’s largest lake

Thailand’s most famous lake is both artificial and relatively young – we’re of course talking about the Cheow Lan lake in the Khao Sok National Park – a unique destination for all those who are looking for a pristine natural weekend escape. But if it’s the size that matters then no lake in Thailand can hold a candle to Songkhla Lake, which covers an area of 10,40 km2 and borders the provinces of Songkhla and Phatthalung.


Thailand’s (and world’s!) biggest wave pool

Phuket is arguably the best surfing spot in Thailand, that is during the monsoon season, which brings with it not just rain but also some impressive waves. But to hit Thailand’s biggest wave with no regards to the calendar, visit the Siam City Park in Bangkok – the largest theme and water park in Southeast Asia. Located within the park is a wave pool, which is officially the biggest in the world and certified as such by the Guinness World Records. 13,600 sqm of a pool is the treat you’re in for. Impressive.

Thailand’s longest water slide

Siam City Park might be the biggest theme and water park in Southeast Asia, but to take a ride on the longest water slide in the country, you have to visit the coastal town of Hua Hin and buy a ticket for the Water Jungle. There awaits the Abyss: The largest water slide in Thailand! On it up to 6 people can soar together to a height of 28 meters, share four or five near-vertical spins and then plummet into a huge funnel at speeds of over 45 km per hour. And while you’re already there, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Vana Nava Falls, the tallest man made mountain waterfall in Asia and the Aqualoop, the only vertical looping slide in Thailand. Or you can have a glass of water instead.


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