Most Popular Personalized Gadgets of 2017

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In today’s tech-savvy era, almost every other day a new gadget is getting launched in the market. Whether you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest technological innovations or want to gift something to your loved ones, you can check out the below list of the latest top personalized gadgets that are going to rock the market of 2017.

Hologram Viewer 



Image by 900lbs

Do you have a special love for sci-fi things? Well, this Hologram Viewer is definitely going to give you a satisfactory taste of the future by creating 3-D structures just like the structures that you have seen in sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Iron Man. Want to give it to someone special? Well, the lucky recipient of this Hologram Viewer is going to get a personalized text stating the instructions to download and to play the contents respectively.

Monogram iPhone Case 

Gold Black Marble monogram apple iphone case, image by dyefor

In 2017, it is believed that iPhone is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a newly designed and edgier iPhone model. The displays are going to be thinner, lighter and more flexible than the LCD displays that have been released before. Well, having a monogram iPhone case of any color is one of the latest trends in the market. You can personalize the case with your name or initials.

Customized Laptop Skins 

Image by PosterLelo

Nowadays, getting customized laptop skins has become very easy. You have to choose a theme or an image of higher quality and top notch resolution. Carefully pick the proper size of your laptop’s back screen; upload the image. A handful of online websites are available, where you can check a preview of the final product. Give your laptop’s back screen a trendier look with such customized laptop skins.

Personalized Power Bank 

Image by photopages

Well, you can’t deny the fact that before the invention of smartphones, you hardly needed to charge your phone. Now, most of the time, smartphones are being used in playing online games, watching movies or videos. Hence, the smartphones are easily losing its charge. While driving a car or while traveling, it is really not possible to charge your phone on the road without a power bank. Thus, nowadays, power bank has become an extremely popular gadget in the tech-savvy market. You can get your power bank customized by adding any special quote on it or printing any image on it.



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