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Ladies night at MADE IN THAILAND gastronomic event

Ladies night at MADE IN THAILAND gastronomic event
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While the myth that Thai food and wine don’t go well together has been debunked a while back, it’s still a challenge to create a pairing that enhances both the dish and what’s in the wine glass. Luckily, some people like a challenge.

Fabulous is Needed (FIN), a homegrown name in all luxuriant, sensual experiences, brings together thee such people, all of them ladies and all of them masters of their trade, for a dining even that will wake all your five sense up. The food will come from no other than Bo Bo.lan,  Best Female Chef in Asia 2013. Those who attend will enjoy her seasonal creations made using local ingredients paired with wines provided  by the first and only Female wine grower and wine maker in Thailand, Nikki Lohitnavy of GranMonte while taking care of harmonious food and wine pairings will be FIN’s own Ben.

Time: 8 – 11th, September 2016 – From 6:00pm to 10:30pm
Location: Bo.lan Essentially Thai, Sukhumvit 53, Thailand
Contact for reservation: +66-2260-9062
For more information: please visit WEBSITE




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