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The most soulful faces of Vietnam

The Soul Catcher

His name is Rehahn, but even if it so happens that you’ve never heard it before, you’re guaranteed to have seen some of his photographs. Rehash’s works are regularly featured by the National Geographic, BBC and Travel Live; other medias such as Los Angeles Times, The Independent, Conde Nast Traveler, Elle and many more, have featured stories about him, totaling more than 500 articles and interviews during the last four years alone.


Why the popularity? The portraits of elderly Vietnamese we display on these pages, all with a youthful spark in their eyes, provide the answer. The works of this French-born and Vietnam-based photographer have a way of capturing the souls of his models, and touching the souls of his audience. It doesn’t happen by chance though – every click of the shutter is preceded by a long process of building an intimate relationship between the photographer and the people he photographs. It’s this intimacy that transpires from the images he captures. That’s the power of a real human connection.

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