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A wonderful food journey through Thailand with Jourdan Dunn

Models eat only salad to stay in shape, right? Not even close! A world-class supermodel Jourdan Dunn is here to change people’s mindset with her passion for food, that she shows off in her own cooking show named “How It’s Dunn”. In team with Amuse, she’s on a mission to give even more exposure to the cuisine she’s in love with since childhood – Thai .

Always chic and fashionable, Jourdan Dunn explores the beauty of Thai cuisine one step at a time and the streets of Thai towns and cities never fail to deliver her daily dose of sour, sweet, salty and Dunn’s all time favorite – spicy. She enjoys the classics, the tangy Tom Yum, the heartwarming sticky rice with sweet mango, but doesn’t shy away from some more extreme bites, such as cow’s blood noodle and other.

Through Thai flavors, Dunn discovers other aspects of Thai culture. A fan of Thai food since she was a little girl, Dunn has never been to Thailand before. To taste all the dishes she loves right here, where they come from, is a truly unforgettable experience and a journey of discovery.

And you can come along for this tasty ride. Check out this 2-episode video to enjoy a food journey together with Jourdan Dunn. A word of warning though – if you’ve never been to Thailand before, you might find yourself booking a plane ticket as soon as the video is over. And if you’ve visited before, you’re probably hooked up on Thai food anyway.

Video and image via Amuse



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