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RM 11-03: Conquering the future, respecting the past

If your imagination stretches far and wide? Prepare to have it challenged….by a watch. Not just any watch but one that combines design elements of an airplane with those of a Formula 1 racing car.  The new RM 11-03 from is power, embodied.

That the inspiration for the new RM 11-03 comes from the aerodynamics of a Formula 1 race car is clear – there is something dynamic and powerful bout the design, something that will make any watch-lover’s heart beat faster. Just like in a F1 speed car, every details, and not just what’s in front, matters.  The crown of the RM 11-03 is made from grade 5 titanium and its shape resales a wheel rim  with a tire. And it comes protected with NTPT carbon. As for the case, it is made from 316L stainless steel making it both durable and beautiful.


More magic awaits inside. The design of the RM 11-03’s variable geometry rotor – an invention that hasd withstood a century – was inspired by the aerodynamic appendages of Formula 1 racing cars. It wa developed to optimise rewinding of the movement according to the wearer’s activity level. The two white gold wings could be adjusted to six possible positions, increasing or decreasing the inertia. This rotor consists of a central flange in grade 5 titanium, brushed and PVD-treated, and two wings in microblasted and chamfered 18K white gold. Adjustable to six different positions, the rotor is mounted on ceramic ball bearings.

But in all this innovation, the spirit of Richard Mille design prevails. The RM 011-03’s case is a classic tonneau shape with a curved bezel, sides and caseback and instantly recognizable. It’s Richard Mille’s RM 011 ready to take on the next decade.


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