Best Rock Climbing Spots in Asia

People who want to enjoy some outdoor activity in their leisure time; rock climbing can be a perfect option for them, as it provides lots of fun and enthusiasm. In recent years a steep rise in the number of rock climbers have been observed; especially in Asia. This continent being full with mountain and lots of unique spots, climbers can test their rock climbing skills here.

Below is the list of best rock climbing spots in Asia. If you are puzzled in making your decision about which rock climbing site to visit in Asia, you can take a look at the below-mentioned list and plan accordingly.

Krabi Island in Thailand

Krabi- photo by tripstorekrabi

Krabi Island of Thailand is known as the paradise for the rock climbing lovers. All the mountain gears are readily available here, and thus the climbers don’t have to carry them from their home. This place and well connected by means of roadways. Various food options and lodging are readily available at cheap.

Thakhek in Laos

Photo by flo-heuber.de

Laos is well known to the rock climbers because of its mountains but this place Thakhek is a new addition. Thus this place is still unpolished, and you can enjoy the loneliness along with the adrenaline rush. Famous Lao barbecue is well available here, and you can easily spend your days in the beautiful Lao hotels at a cheap rate.

Crazy Horse in Thailand

Photo by thailandclimbing

From the Chiang Mai, this place is only 40 kilometers away and famous among the rock climbers. This place ranks first when it comes to a safe place for mountain climbing. Thus, whether you are a novice or gray haired climber, you can visit this site and try out your skills of mountain climbing.

Yangshuo in China

Photo by GoPro youtube

If you are visiting Asia for rock climbing, then this place has to be on your list. The arch Mountain of Yangshuo provides a great challenge to the climbers. If you have the courage and steady nerves, visit this place for the best rock climbing experience.

Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur   

Photo by tinggly

From the Singapore, this place is just 45 minutes away and one of the best places to learn the rock climbing. This site provides an option to choose the level of difficulty depending upon their experience.

Looking for some outdoor activity that will give you an adrenaline rush along with lots of fun! Then try out rock climbing, as it is not only good for health but also is an excellent option for testing your nerves. Visit any of the spots mentioned above and have fun like never before.


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