Top 10 Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

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4/5 - (2 votes)

Are you in love with the sea and planning a trip to Southeast Asia to explore the beaches there? Well, then you must first know about the most pristine and prettiest beaches in that region so that, you can enjoy your beach vacation in the best way possible. Let’s have a look at the top 10 best beaches in this region that can offer you the most memorable beach time of your life.

  1. Maya Bay, Thailand

    Maya Bay, Thailand – Photo by freshwallpapers.net

Situated in the Phi Phi islands, Maya Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Thailand and attracts tourists all over the year. Though the beach stays crowded always; but the scenic beauty of it is incomparable.

  1. Long Beach, Cambodia

    Long Beach , Koh Rong, Cambodia photo by youtube

This heavenly Long beach is only a short walking distance from the main beach of Koh Rong island in Cambodia. Situated in front of a background of small rocky hills, the blue water and the unspoiled beach welcomes the tourists.

  1. Sugar Beach, The Philippines

    Sugar Beach , Philippines , phot by lonely planet

Sugar Beach on the Negros Island can be an ideal choice if seclusion in nature’s lap is what you seek for. Often considered to be an offbeat travel destination, this long stretch of sand with few resorts is indeed a stunning one.

  1. Railay Beach, Thailand

    Beautiful Railay-beach in thailand, photo by deskbg

This beach is known as one of the beach paradise of Thailand.  The massive cliffs located at the both ends of this white sanded beach gives it the most picturesque look and opportunity for rock climbers from all over the word to enjoy climbing these cliffs. It is a world-known destination among climbers.

  1. Long Beach, Thailand

    Long Beach Thailand photo by luxoIndia

Located in Koh Lanta Island, Long Beach in Thailand is known for offering the most serene environment to the tourists. Both accommodation and food being reasonably cheap here, Long Beach is ideal for long beach vacations.

  1. Nembrala, Indonesia

    Nemberala Beach-Photo by nemberalabeachresort

Mostly popular for surfing, Nembrala beach of Pulau Rote island in Indonesia can be a great way of exploring the Indonesian beach culture. It is often considered to be an ideal alternative for the beaches in the Gili Islands and Bali.

  1. The Pink Beach, Indonesia

    The Pink beach, Indonesia- Photo by kartika-airlines

The beach isn’t pink as the name suggests, but the sand close to the water is in this Pink Beach of the Komodo National Park in Indonesia. Mainly popular for snorkeling, this beach can be an ideal option for resting after snorkeling all day long.

  1. Salang Beach, Malaysia

    Malaysia, Pahang, Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island), Salang Bay, Salang Village (Kampung Salang)

Situated in a secluded bay of Pulau Tioman, Salang beach is one of the most popular beaches of Malaysia. Not only the beach is fascinating but the water near the beach is ideal for snorkeling too. The beauty of this beach can give a tough competition to other popular beaches in Malaysia.

  1. Nacpan Beach, The Philippines

    Nacpan Beach, The Philippines photo by homeiswhereyourbagis

The Nacpan Beach on the Palawan Island is only within 30 minutes’ distance from the main town of El Nido in the Philippines. The 4-kilometer-long strip of coconut lined beach is famous for its enchanting scenery and beauty.

  1. Tanjung Aan, Indonesia

    Tanjung Aan, Indonesia-Photo by homeiswhereyourbagis

This beach on Lombok is often considered to be a hidden gem in Indonesia. Though not so popular yet, the turquoise colored crystal clear water and the powdery white sand of the beach with stunning views of the surroundings are enough to spellbind you. Be it lazing on the white sand or enjoying the crystal clear water, be sure to find everything in these beaches of Southeast Asia, which are considered to be the famous ones in the world.


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