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Luxurious style for Mega Yacht 108 M

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Some yachts are built to be beautiful, others are eco-friendly and then there are those that offer luxury and comfort to those on board. It’s all very nice but how about offering a complete package? If that’s what you’re after, look no further than Mega Yacht 108 M. It has it all, and more.

Possibly the best way to talk about 108 M is to talk about what sets it apart and what boxes it ticks. Designed by Hareide design, 108 M not only combines graceful elegance, futuristic technologies, and natural beauty typical of Scandinavian aesthetics, it ticks all the boxes where other yachts might tick just one or two.

Is it environment-friendly? 300-square-meters of solar panels charging banks of lithium-ion batteries prove it is. The yacht runs on sustainable energy when it slowly cruises along coastlines and when it needs to go the distance, it has the option to use a diesel-electric propulsion. But even with a diesel engine on, those on board can find tranquility place in the yacht’s “garden” by a 20 m pool.

But doesn’t it then compromise on elegance? Not as we see it. 108 M’s interiors feature a multi-functional grand hall, a lavish dining space and frankly it looks as beautiful on the inside as it does on the outside.

And then there is something extra. What is it that perfect yacht need to get closer to perfection?  What would you equip it with to make it even more amazing. How about a helipad?

Proving that nothing is impossible, the 108 M designers fitted it with a helicopter landing space.  And why not? When inviting guests to spend time on such a stunning vessel, you wouldn’t like them to arrive in a shaky dingy would you? Bring them on board in style, with a helicopter…but beware, they might never want to leave.

– Photos: Hareide Design Norway – 



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