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The energetic, uninhibited atmosphere of Spasso Club and cocktail bar makes it hard to believe that a sedate Italian restaurant occupies this space during day hours. Spasso’s selling point is its fun and slightly wild atmosphere and the live band that does its best to whip partygoers into even higher spirits, the singer taking to the floor during some songs.

What is sure to catch your eye is the unconventional layout – an open plan foyer and dining area narrows into a dance floor, flanked by two wide horseshoe-shaped bars.

On the menu, some signature cocktails are worth a look. The Kumquats Smash, blending gin, Grand Marnier and single malt whiskey, is both potent and refreshing. For some indulgent sipping go for the Dolci Martini, with cognac, Baileys, espresso, white chocolate and mascarpone.

Unpretentious, straightforward and fun, Spasso doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and a crowd of regular guests proves this strategy right.


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