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Celebrate Loy Krathong festival at Bangkok

Celebrate Loy Krathong festival at Bangkok
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If life has some fairytale-like moments, Loy Krathong festival is one of them. Join the celebrations and you will find yourself in a fantasy world, where people get together to set lakes and rivers on fire and brighten up the night.

Loy Krathong, also called the festival of light, has the longest history and carries most mystical elements among all Thai festivals. At the full-moon night of the Lunar December, which is November in Solar calendar, thousands of krathongs, small floating lanterns decorated with banana leaves, flowers, candles and incenses, are released on water bodies of all shapes and sizes.

When krathongs float on the water, they carry away troubles and misfortunes while lighten up the candles of hope and good luck. They also serve as a token of respect and gratitude to the Thai goddess of water.


If you happen to visit Chiang Mai on the Loy Krathong evening, you will also have a chance to witness the Yi Peng festival, where people release flying lanterns into the sky, filling it with thousands of brilliant orange stars, sparkling and swirling in the wind making the night unforgettable.

For some mesmerizing memories of Loy Krathong in Bangkok, join this year’s River Festival on the banks of Chao Phraya to celebrate Thai history and culture. The event will take place in seven key areas: Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Prayoon, Wat Kanlayanamitr, Maharaj Pier, Yodpiman Riverwalk and Asiatique the Riverfront, from November 21 to 25. Except for the traditional Buddhist rites and krathong floating, this year’s festivities will focus on the rich heritage of Thailand’s ethnic minorities as well as the traditional lifestyle and art of the ancient Chinese community of Bangkok.



For more information go to http://www.riverfestivalthailand.com/


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