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The sum of all things great

– By Julie Lamare –

Great food is not enough. Nor is great atmosphere. Nice setting is of little value on its own and attentive staff can’t make it happen by itself. What makes a great brunch then? All of the above, in one place, at the same time. This place is Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, the time is every Sunday.

2-hyatt-regency-phuket-resort-and-spaIngredient #1: the setting

Situated on a terraced hillside overlooking the beach of Kamala Cove, Hyatt Regency Phuket has its own unique style. Modern clean lines, uncluttered spaces and shades of grey with green and blue overtones dominating the colour palette, give the resort a contemporary feel that’s welcoming at the same time. But it’s the massive infinity pool overlooking Kamala bay that’s especially impressive; its sparkling blue surface merging seamlessly with the Andaman sea spread right in front of the resort. At 72-meters, it is one of the biggest pools in Phuket and the guests of the Sunday brunch receive complimentary access. But before you take a plunge, let’s check out the food.

3-hyatt-regency-phuket-resort-and-spa-sunday-brunchIngredient #2: the food

The brunch is served at the airy Pool Bar – an open spaced restaurant overlooking the pool. A generous selection of dishes – both local and international – was carefully crafted by Head Chef Alessandro Martinelli. Except for what’s common and indispensable on Sunday brunch menu – freshly roasted meats, seafood BBQ, fresh oysters and more, two food stations stand out. One is the pizza station with freshly made wood-fired pizzas, the other – a salad corner with a selection of colourful salad creations, second to none on the island. And don’t forget to leave some space for the desserts – the sweets station is not an afterthought at Hyatt and the Panna Cotta is to die for. Pair it all with the free flow of wine, beer and cocktail options and you won’t go thirsty either.


Ingredient #3: the vibe

The rather stiff, quasi-formal atmosphere that is common at many Sunday brunch events is absent at Hyatt’s weekly feast. You can really feel that it’s Sunday at the Pool Bar, so kick back and enjoy the food and the company. And once you finish your meal, grab a cocktail and relax on a sun lounge by the pool to the beats delivered by a live DJ. Leave the tie at home but don’t forget your swimming costume.

1-hyatt-regency-phuket-resort-2Ingredient #4: the staff

Good staff is one that you don’t need to talk much about and that’s exactly the case at Hyatt. Glasses are never left empty, dishes arrive to the table hot and fresh, smiles abound. In a place like this, tipping is a pleasure.

Ingredient #5: something extra

The setting, the food, the vibe and the service are all excellent at the Hyatt Sunday brunch. And on top of that, there is something extra, something for the kids. Not only do children have their own kid’s food corner at the Pool Bar but they also receive access to Camp Hyatt – a child-friendly space offering a variety of activities including an Art and Craft corner, balloon games, game zone and funny face mask making sessions.

The method: Mix it all up and serve fresh at a reasonable price to receive a Sunday brunch for everyone to enjoy!

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