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Intergalactic Encounters


– Photography by Vincent Sung –

To say that Vincent Sung ( is a photographer is not to say enough. Born in South Korea, brought up in Belgium, he has lived and worked in places such as Seoul, Bangkok, New York, Paris… the list goes on. All of them vibrant and dynamic, they shaped Sung’s visual style and kept the flame of his creativity burning hot and bright. Except for contributing his photographs to a number of prestigious publications, he worked with international broadcasting tycoons, co-funded art spaces, managed art events, launched galleries and more.

Sung brings European creative to fashion photography in Asia, which is one of the reasons why he is sought-after by Korean celebrities, actors, designers and others. He currently splits his time between Seoul and Bangkok, or anywhere else in the world where assignments take him.

What follows on the next pages is a fable of an intergalactic encounter. And as in every tale, there is a princess here – one that fell down to earth from outer space. There’s also a dragon – in this case embodied by the rampant consumerism of the fashion world. Will there be a prince on a white horse to save her and help her return to her home planet, or will she be left behind and forced to blend with the human race? Turn the page and find out.

– Photoshoot information –

Location: Hotel Muse Bangkok
Model: Mélanie Buzzanca Jarnson
Photographer: Vincent Sung

Makeup: River Watcharapong Kanjanakrit
Hair: Prem Winthachai

Styling: Lupt Utama
Dresses by Thai designers’ brands:
Chai Gold Label

Wonder Anatomie

Production and location: Le Flux Asia



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