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KRSR – Into The World Of Superyachts

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Superyachts owners club is an elite one, and an opportunity to get a glimpse inside, is a precious one.

Kata Rocks Superyachts Rendezvous (KRSR), a superyachts gathering currently taking  place at Phuket’s esteemed Karta Rocks resort, is exactly such an opportunity. A visit to Kata Rocks – the world’s first resort with design inspired by superyacht aesthetics, provides a bit of a luxury yacht feel any time of year, but to see the magnificent panoramic vista of the Andaman see, that the resort is blessed with, dotted with some of the world’s most impressive boats, is a special kind of treat.

But as fun as staring at those magnificent vessels rocking on waves might be, a bit of background information is due. This was provided by Jody C B Chapman, the managing director at Seventy Seven Desing, a company of experts in superyachts design. In his presentation, Chapman answered one fundamental question anyone attending an event such as Kata Rocks Superyachts Rendezvous should know the answer to – what actually is a superyacht? Rest assured – it’s way more than just a big boat. What can grant a vessel access to this elite club can also be speed, unique design, how it is used or even where it is docked (in a small marina, filled with small yachts, a bigger one becomes “super”, simply by comparison), and many other factors. One thing they all have in common thugh, is that all are in one way or another awe-inspiring.

Believe it or not, but the magnificent panorama of Kata Rocks’ seascape became even more impressive once those who attended Chapman’s presentation learned how much careful planning, dedication, hard work and ingenuity goes into making each of the boats gracing the event with their presence. These are not just boats, these are floating art pieces and KSRS, with all its free flowing Champagne, gourmet finger food and exceptionally well dressed people in attendance, feels, at times, less like a yachties get-together, and more like a prestigious art exhibition opening.

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