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Staying ahead of the Sunday Brunch game

It’s easy enough to throw a Sunday brunch. But to throw an unexceptional one, especially in a place where everybody tries their hand at it, is a different story altogether. This place is called Phuket, and the story is told by Banyan Tree.

The appearance of Sunday Brunches in the F&B offerings of Phuket’s hotels and resorts, is a sure sign of the arrival of high season to the island – as sure as crowded beaches and clear blue skies above. Come Sunday, the island’s resorts’ restaurants become crowded with guests, enjoying all you can eat buffets, free flowing wines and live cooking stations. The choice is vast, seemingly unlimited, and competition rules supreme, elevating quality and moderating prices. But in all this abundance, there is an event that stands out from the crowd– the Sunday Brunch at Banyan Tree Phuket.

At Banyan Tree the story of a great Sunday Brunch repeats itself year after year. Served on the edge of a tropical pond, with both indoor and outdoor sitting options, the brunch seems to have nailed the perfect formula for such an event, combining a spectacular selection of quality foods, beautiful setting and an atmosphere that is both upscale and relaxed. With a well-tested recipe for success such as this one, there is no need for flashy extras – jogglers circling the tables, clowns entertaining the children, freebies to catch the eye of yet undecided guests.  Yes, there is live jazz to further smoothen the ambiance, but the great food and company work the magic on their own.

Sunday Seafood Brunch Banyan Tree event

But Banyan Tree has been in the game long enough to know that standing still means regress, and without well thought-through adjustments, even the best formula can begin to show some signs of wear and tear. Which is why each year their Sunday Brunch is a little different, and a little better.

This year’s incarnation is named “Go Live Sunday Seafood Brunch” so the focus, obviously, is on edible creatures of the sea, in particular – lobster. You can either pick it already cooked from an indoors station, swing by the outdoor barbeque and have it freshly grilled or select one of the options from the menu, which offers this king of all seafood in five different versions. According to chef Alfonso de la Dehesa – who is very much involved in the Sunday Brunch preparations and you can see him instructing the staff at the barbeque, constantly checking the quality of the tapas and ensuring that there’s never  a shortage of cheeses or cold cuts – the classic lobster Thermmidor is the most popular, while he personally favors the localized fusion version, served with Panang curry sauce. We tried both and found them wonderfully flavorful – please don’t make us pick just one!

Another local touch is a brunch version which offers a free flow of Mojitos in different flavor versions – passions fruit was our personal favorite. All are made with Phuket’s own, locally made artisan Chalong Bay Rum giving them a distinctive Phuket flavor. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion, you might opt for a free flow of Champagne and wines.

But even if food is all you’re after, you’re going to get more than that. The brunch at Banyan Tree is as much a dining as a social occasion. It’s there that you can meet both many prominent locals and local expats as well as the resort’s returning guests. They come back and joint the brunch year after year, because the Sunday Brunch at Banyan Tree  never compromises on quality and always provides something to keep the experience fresh and exciting. This is how you stay ahead of the game on the little big island that is called Phuket.

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