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10 Good Reasons to Visit Hong Kong in 2017

Hong Kong is often considered to be one of the most incredible places to visit in the China Sea. Welcoming the tourists with its lush greeneries, legendary eateries, and iconic skyscrapers, Hong Kong never leaves its tourists unsatisfied. If you still wondering about whether you should plan your next trip in 2017 to this city or not, here are some solid reasons that you should.

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Rich Culture

Visiting Hong Kong means experiencing a wonderful and rich culture. Over the years, the unique cultures of immigrants and expats have infused together, giving birth to the traditionally rich modern city of Hong Kong.

Awe-Inspiring Museums

Do you take a fancy in visiting museums? Well then, Hong Kong has got plenty of museums too. From Science Museums to Space Museum and Hong Kong Heritage Museum, you’ll find each and every museum extremely fascinating.


The distinct appeal and typical Chinese flavor of Disneyland in Hong Kong can be a solid reason for you to come to this city. The infusion of Chinese Feng Shui, the eminent red color, and the themed food make Disneyland here magical.

Beautiful Temples

The beautiful temples, both Buddhist and Hindu, evoke both admiration and fascination among the tourists. To experience the enchanting religious sites of the Buddhists such as 10,000 Buddha’s Monastery, plan a trip to Hong Kong.

Magnificent Skyline

The skyscrapers creating a mesmerizing skyline of the city is famous worldwide. The Bank of China Tower or the International Commerce Center are the main buildings to look out for.

Delicious Food

The food in Hong Kong, whether the street foods or in the restaurants, is to die for. Many tourists often visit Hong Kong mainly to try out the legendary dishes here.

Over 200 Islands

The 263 islands that have made Hong Kong, offers endless exploring opportunities and adventure possibilities to the tourists. The outlining islands like Lamma Island and Lantau are widely famous.

Beaches to Explore

There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Hong Kong such as Repulse Bay, Tai Long Wan beach etc., each having a unique appeal. Therefore, missing your chance to visit a heaven of attractive beaches will be nothing but a folly!

A Shopping Heaven

Do you find pleasure in shopping? Then, try visiting Hong Kong, as it is one of the best shopping destinations in the world. Malls like Fashion Walk or City Plaza offer everything that you can expect to buy.

Luxurious Hotels

The luxurious hotel options in Hong Kong should make your mind for planning a trip there. You’ll find international brands such as The Peninsula or Intercontinental, but also boutique hotels like The Mira hotel and Icon Hotel. The incredible and prompt room services, the infinity pools, the interesting dining menus are indeed worth visiting the city.

A trip to the enchanting city of Hong Kong can be a great way of experiencing the colors of Asia for the first time.


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